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How do you validate the names generated

Forums General How do you validate the names generated

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    Joe Tippman


    I need to name virtual machines and ensure that they are unique. We have 5 different DNS domains that machines could be registered to. Not all domains are handled by the same DNS Servers. We have 3 datacenters and each datacenter has different DNS zones available. Datacenter A has Zone1 & Zone 2, Datacenter B HAs Zone3 & Zone4, and Datacenter C has Zone 5 available.

    Can your naming, validation, DNS registration, etc support a configuration like this?

    Sid Smith


    Thanks for reachout out and being a part of the OneFuse community. I’ll answer you questions in two parts. First the OneFuse Naming Module support three different endpoints of validation. DNS, vRA7, and vRA8. Once you have configured your validation endpoints you can assign the appropriate ones to naming policies that need them.

    Within a naming policy you can dynamically pass in which DNS zone you plan to register the name to. This allows us to understand which DNS zone we should validate the name against. This is a great way to dynmically validate that names are unique. Atop this our DNS module also have validation. It supports pre-validation (pre record creation) as well as post-validation (after the record has been created).

    Our DNS module also allows you to dynamically pass in the DNS Zone you would to register the record with. OneFuse and it’s modules were build to be very dynamic allowing the flexibility to support the maximum amount of use case configurations. The short answer is yes it can certainly support your use case and then some.

    Sid Smith

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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