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Our focus is on enabling a better way of integrating IT and DevOps tools and Platforms.

What is OneFuse?

OneFuse is the first codeless solution for automating, integrating, and extending private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. 
Replace complex custom coding with configurable, governed IT services that easily extend, so you can create once and use anywhere.

OneFuse Quick Introduction

OneFuse Community Edition

Simplify ongoing management with centralized, intelligent configurations across vRealize Automation, Terraform and more.

OneFuse Enterprise Edition

Everything in the Community Edition plus access to our Premium Modules.

Choose between Foundation and Accelerate tiers.

OneFuse Community Edition


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If you’re in IT Ops, DevOps, or on an SRE team, OneFuse can help you drive down complexity within your automation solutions such as vRealize Automation and Terraform.

With OneFuse,  you can dynamically and securely integrate your tools, becoming more outcome-based and service-oriented.

Got a question about OneFuse? Please refer to our FAQs or post a question on our Forum.


You can download the OVA here.

In order to get a license key, please complete the form here and we will deliver it to your inbox.

OneFuse Community Edition is free!

If you are interested in integrating other technologies with our paid modules, such as Ansible Tower, or IPAM/DNS solutions, we would be happy to discuss our OneFuse Enterprise Edition.

OneFuse has been helping enterprise organizations across the globe solve their integration challenges.

While our Community Edition is free – our Enterprise Edition with paid modules provide lifecycle support and provide additional integrations with common enterprise tools.

For more info, please visit our website.

You can download the OVA here.

In order to get a license key, please complete the form here and we will deliver it to your inbox.

You can have an unlimited number of users!

When you request your license key, we will get your email address. Don’t worry, it’s not to spam you – it’s how we will let you know about important updates.

We will also keep this community updated with our regular releases and security updates.

Security is just as important to us as it is to you. Will will notify you via email if there are security updates – and we will post it here on the community.

If you need support, please visit our forums for your questions. Our staff monitors these forums regularly.

Paid support with OneFuse Enterprise is an option as well.

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